Discover the beauty and history of the Dutch and Belgian waterways in the spring. Admire the spectacular tulip carpets in Keukenhof Gardens. Visit the lush green countryside of Kinderdijk, home to the country’s greatest concentration of windmills, and experience Amsterdam’s distinctive architecture and vibrant nightlife. A wonderful opportunity to admire the great medieval cities of Antwerp and Ghent and to delve into the cultural traditions of the friendly Dutch and Flemish people awaits you.

Tulip Time Cruise
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We are just finishing up our river cruise on the AmaSonata. A beautiful ship, lovely cruise and wonderful itinerary. The only one problem, weather. Mother Nature was not on our side this week as we had just plain awful rain and winds.Thankfully our good Captain Hank weathered the storm fabulously.You would expect rocking and rolling on the ocean, not the rivers of the Netherlands and Belgium. Through it all, Uwe, our cruise director, and the staff were fantastic. All the port excursions were great, even in the torrential downpours in Ghent and Brugges. The payoff was a beautiful day in Willemstad, Kinderdijk and the Kuekenhof gardens. Though the wind was brutal, the ports were quite breathtaking. The gardens, though not all in full bloom, were a sight to see. It is definitely a must do itinerary. In a few weeks, I expect it will get quite busy here in the Netherlands and Keukenhof as the flowers will be in full bloom. Thank you to our servers Laurentiu, Pavel and wine steward Ivo were awesome. Hats off to Mr. Gabrielle for working with my food allergy, it was nice to know how serious they take this. Our room was readily available to us upon arrival to the ship since it was the first cruise of the season. We met so many lovely people on this trip and will cherish the memories for years to come. River cruising may be more comprehensive and relaxing than ocean liners but not less strenuous as there is a lot of walking over many un-even surfaces that are cobblestones and such. They do have groups for gentle walking if you do have any mobility issues.

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